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He decided it was safer to seek employment and protection from another Muslim sultan in southern India. And so he planned to continue on to China on his own.

Rather than returning home, Ibn Battuta decided to continue on, choosing as his next destination the Ilkhanatea Mongol Khanateto the northeast. The port here he wrote was "one of the largest.

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He then moved on to Cape Guardafui further down the Somalia seaboard, spending about a week in each location. There were still many looters despite the improving social and security conditions. He crossed the huge Arabian Desert and traveled to Iraq and Iran.

Despite the rich and detailed written account he left as a legacy, Ibn Battuta is largely ignored in modern-day history books in favor of other travel authors such as Marco Polo. After crossing the Hoggar Mountains of southern Algeria Ibn Battuta had only one more obstacle before reaching his homeland: Based on the two interviews conducted, assimilations of these foreigners have occurred discretely through the process of fascination, adjustments and prolonged stay in the country.

According to Rona-TasChinese assimilation of foreigners has always followed a one-way process always resulting in foreign assimilation and not vise-versa p. During his stay at Hangzhou he was particularly impressed by the large number of well-crafted and well-painted Chinese wooden ships, with coloured sails and silk awnings, assembling in the canals.

His other slaves and his possessions were taken by the king of Sumatra. It seems as though Ibn Battuta was playing politics. It began in the grasslands of Central Asia and was spread across to the Black Sea. Some of the crew on one of the junks were saved, but no one survived from the other ship - the one that he was supposed to be on.

He could depend on the charity of fellow-Muslims in Malaysian ports on his way to China, as he had in every other part of the world he traveled. Of the three usual routes to Mecca, Ibn Battuta chose the least-travelled, which involved a journey up the Nile valley, then east to the Red Sea port of Aydhab.

There were many dangers out too. Central European University Press. Fortunately, Ibn Battuta who now had almost nothing more to rob, was able to convince his captors to let him go in exchange for his clothes.

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To my surprise, the cultures between the two countries were greatly different meaning I had to adjust more of my practices than my initial expectations.

The traveler however does not mention the political role of the women at that time and thus one can imply that women were politically inactive by then. During my stay in China, whenever I saw any Muslims I always felt as though I were meeting my own family and close kinsmen.

Country essay examples nzqa easy way to make money. In Volume III, Ibn Battuta approaches India through Sindh, where his brief account of the rebellion of Wunar al-Samiri is an important, if not unique, source.

Soon after he arrived in Delhi, he became qadi to a city which was a magnet for ambitious men throughout the Islamic world. Then in CE, Ibn Battuta decided to go to India. He was welcomed by the Sultan of Delhi- AKA ‘The shadow of God’, and was given the job of a judge from him.

He stayed in India for approximately 8 years; then left for China.

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Furthermore, Ibn Battuta's description and Marco Polo's writings share extremely similar sections and themes, with some of the same commentary, e.g. it is unlikely that the 3rd Caliph Uthman ibn Affan had someone with the exact identical name in China who was encountered by Ibn Battuta.

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Essay my company kolkata essay writing helps games online. Ibn Battuta was one of the great geographers and explorers of the 14th century and his book “Travels of Ibn Battuta” is a treasure trove for anyone wishing to know more about Asian trading routes and hubs of this era and the people and cultures that populated and surrounded them.

Download file to see previous pages The women had not been used to wear shirts which irritated Ibn Batuta. As a Qazi, he tried to change this custom but could not succeed. Moreover, daily antiquates and manners showed that they were considered inferior as compared to male members of the society3.

Ibn battuta in china essay
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Ibn Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa