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This is the Share issued by Companies, where shareholders do not want to dilute their ownership Interest, giving opportunity to participate in further additional Dividends, under which conditions are met.

This is to boost the imagery of the Market among Investors. Contents on this website may not be copied, republished, reproduced, redistributed either in whole or in part without due permission or acknowledgement.

Zuzulo Great Places …. Section of Companies and Allied Matters Act says only for duration of about 12 years for shareholders to come forward to claim dividends declared by the Company. Companies normally expect to see their Capital Appreciate, when there is sale of Stock over a period of time.

This can be corrected by organising Seminars, Educational Workshops or even Television and Radio Talk Shows, mainly to educate on the key players on the Market. Entries may include illustrations, graphics, or diagrams References all sources consulted during the preparation of the entry Criteria for Poster: The Scams promises Investors of abnormal returns of Cash which is far Obtainable from the normal Banks.

Hembe who is now facing trial over the allegations. Multiple applications attract a disqualification penalty Deadline: According to Oxford Dictionary, the Capital Market is part of a financial system, which deals in raising funds, which could be in form of Shares, Bonds and other long term Instruments.

Download the Essay competition form from the company website Type and submit at the Essay part of the page you keep pressing the forward key until you get to the essay part. In the Capital Market, banks are the major valuable assets for investors.

Oteh had accused the Herman Hembe-led House of Representatives ad-hoc committee investigating the crisis in the capital market of demanding illegal funds from her. Companies can invest in their Capital to yield better returns from the Capital Market.

Effective transparency and Compliance can be strengthen by the use of Corporate Governance Codes which could enhance regulatory bodies in the Capital market i.

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NSE set to announce 2018 Essay Competition winners

Your Essay should not be more than words and typewritten. This has not proven favourable to Investors, in the Market. This approach will involve some form of government subsidy until the sector becomes investment-friendly.

This is ranging on export trade of Primary Commodities like Raw Materials. This has resulted in Investors, losing a lot of Profits. It provides an opportunity for youths to contribute towards the discussions around the capital market and the Nigerian economy.

Surplus amounts of Funds, are not properly accounted for or claimed due to lack of monitoring due to no co-ordinated System or Laws. Operational Shell Banks Or Institutions There are scams popularly known as the Ponzi scheme, calculated to deceive the unsuspecting Individuals of their money.

But unfortunately There was no message whatsoever about result and the price. Companies wishing to raise funds, from the Public, in the Capital Market, must get approval from its Board of Directors.

The research which was carried out by CardinalStone Partners Limited, a financial advisory and investment management firm maintains that the sector is still very much attractive to investors despite its challenges.

There is need for the Nigerian Public, to have more information about the Capital Market. Paradox by Margaret Cuonzo. This has significantly impaired the ability of the generating and distribution companies to recover all costs and generate appropriate returns on investment.

Companies will have cheaper access of Funds that would not be raised from Financial Institutions. The plan will be carried out over a five-year period.

They said the result will be out at first week of resumption. There are going to be Business problems in the Capital Market Industry, as a result of Political issues, Climate change, and Oil prices rising or falling.

Under the proposed BOFIA Actthere was a suggestion for a financial task force which will help to investigate any fraudulent transactions operating in the Market.

Originality of Essay Relevance of Essay to the Topic Competence in the usage of English language as measured by correct punctuations and basic grammar.

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Ensuring that there are concrete laws on ensuring that unclaimed funds are claimed. ENTRY FORM: NSE ESSAY COMPETITION. Topic: What is the biggest obstacle to saving and investing money and how can The Nigerian Stock Exchange help? If you have ever dreamt of Becoming A Dealing Member On Nigerian Stock Exchange, we have brought to you all you need to know and how you can go about people know the requirements for Becoming A Dealing Member On Nigerian Stock Exchange.

The NSE Essay Competition, themed "Building a Sustainable Capital Market", is one of the Exchange's financial literacy and inclusion initiatives aimed at building a financially savvy generation. Essay Topic: Explain the importance of financial education and describe how The Nigerian Stock Exchange can help you become financially savvy.

In line with its commitment to building a financially savvy generation, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is pushing for the adoption of financial literacy through the use of information and.

THE Nigerian Stock Exchange Essay Competition

Case Analysis on Capital Structure Pioneer Petroleum; Case Analysis on Capital Structure Pioneer Petroleum Essay.

Words Feb 23rd, 18 Pages. Show More. Application of Capital Structure, Costs of Capital for Multiple Division firms on the market value of a selection of firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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Nigerian stock exchange essay competition form
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